Dogs at Weddings

Dogs At Weddings

Dogs At Weddings

Foxtail Barns Wedding Venue welcomes your furry friend!

Part Of The Family

Dogs can become a special part of our lives and we grow to love our fur babies as part of the family. Which is why Foxtail Barns officially allows dogs at weddings! Ensuring that all of our lovely couples can share thier special day with thier special furry friends. Here are some top tips for including your dog in your big day at Foxtail Barns.

Paws For Thought

Picture your dream wedding, in your dream location. You are standing at the end of the aisle looking into the eyes of the one you love and It's time for the rings. So who has them? Is it the best man, a page boy, flower girl or somebody else? Now imagine your prized pup carrying your wedding rings down the aisle and sharing this special moment with you.

Here at Foxtail Barns we allow our happy couple's dog to be ring bearer for their ceremony in The Orangery. Just so long as they don't steal the show completely!

If your dog joins in the ceremony, you might also want to make sure they feature in your photographs. So make sure that you let your photographer know ahead of time, so they can be sure to take some super snaps of your pup! Your dog is welcome to head out into our Walled Garden for photographs.

Wedding Dog Chaperone

After all of this excitement, it's time for your dog to head home before your Wedding Breakfast begins. Which can prove a little tricky to organise. Especially when you want all of your loved ones to enjoy the perfect day you have planned, without worrying about your furry friend.

Well a fantastic option is to use an established wedding dog-sitting service such as Precious Pets Micro ID. As one of our Handpicked Suppliers, they offer a superb service for Dogs At Weddings, where they will chaperone your dog throughout your wedding day.

This means that they will help your dog arrive in style, assist in the ring bearing duties and work with your photographer to get those amazing snaps that you'll cherish forever. You can even make your dog's day extra special by booking a full care and pamper day package!

Precious Pets Micro ID

Dog Friendly Wedding Tips

It's a great idea to let all of your guests know that your dog will be attending, just incase any of your guests have an allergy that you are unaware of.

It's also worth considering your dog's personality and temperament. If they are nervous around lots of people then maybe they wouldn't enjoy it. A happy dog makes for a happy couple so you will want them to enjoy the experience as much as you!

Our grounds are over 70 acres in size and full of natural wildlife. So please remember to keep your dog on the lead at all times and don't forget the poop bags!

Remember to let your personal Wedding Specialist know about your plans to include your dog in your special day. They will need to inform the Registrars conducting your ceremony.

Also, bear in mind that your wedding guests cannot bring their own dogs along to the wedding, nor can they keep them locked inside vehicles on our car park.