Sparklers at Foxtail Barns

Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers

So Pretty!

We love a stunning sparkler shot at Foxtail Barns; handled sensibly they can result in some very pretty wedding photographs.

We allow sparklers at Foxtail Barns but we do have a few rules and top tips on how to enjoy wedding sparklers sensibly.

One of the very first things to check is that your chosen photographer is prepared to work with you on a sparkler shot. Some professional photographers will not want to do a sparkler shot and we would advise that you check with your photographer rather than assuming it's OK.

If they're up for it, great! Read on...

Sparkler Safety

Sparklers are often viewed as being harmless but they burn at fierce temperatures, equivalent to a welding torch.

Follow these top tips for sparkler safety at your wedding:

  • Get your sparkler shot done as early as possible.
  • Nominate one sober wedding guest to be in charge of lighting and distributing the sparklers.
  • Provide no more than 20 sparklers and invite no more than 20 people to be in the shot.
  • Light your sparklers one at a time.
  • Don’t wave sparklers about close to other people.
  • Please ensure all burnt out sparklers are placed in a metal bucket of sand (which you need to provide.)

Winter Wedding Sparklers

Getting that awesome sparkler shot is only possible during the winter months when the sun sets nice and early. A wedding date anywhere between October and the end of March works well for a sparkler shot.

Remember that your professional photographer doesn't stay until the end of your day and we don't allow sparklers to be lit after 8pm because of the likelihood that you and your guests will be a bit tipsy after that!

Your safety is paramount and we want you, your guests and your wedding suppliers to have an amazing day.

Handpicked Suppliers

Indoor Fireworks

If you want that wow factor wedding shot but you're getting married in the summer so sparklers dfon't really work, why not consider some indoor fireworks.

Our approved supplier MistFX supplies the most incredible selection of completely safe, no heat, indoor fireworks. Perfect for making an entrance into the wedding breakfast barn or making a statement during speeches. Check them out...

Mist FX Indoor Fireworks