Your Wedding Food Tasting

Your Love of Food

It’s likely that food played a part in your love story; whether you shared popcorn at the movies on a first date or romantic dinners in fancy restaurants; certain foods will no doubt trigger fond memories.

We look forward to inviting you to your pre-wedding food tasting; a delightful evening spent in romantic surroundings tasting some delicious, adventurous and beautifully presented wedding food options.

Your Food Tasting Event

Book Foxtail Barns for your wedding and you can look forward to a sensational food tasting. You'll get two complimentary tickets and enjoy a varied menu featuring signature dishes, innovative new dishes and wedding classics, to inspire and delight.

Once you’ve tried a few of the dishes and experienced the quality and portion sizes for yourselves it’s so much easier to make decisions about what you’d like to serve as your wedding meals.

A Delicious Delight!

We know you’ll have some ideas about what you’d like to serve at your wedding and we’d always encourage you to be true to yourselves when it comes to your menu choices. Having said that, if come to your food tasting with an open mind, who knows what delicious delicacies you’ll fall in love with!

Your Food Tasting should be a journey of discovery, a delicious delight, all washed down with some spectacular accompanying wines from The Cellar.

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