Venue Setup

How It Works

Your Wedding, Your Vision

Foxtail Barns Wedding Venue has plenty of charm and character but we know you'll want to add some personal touches to really make it your own. Here's our brief guide to stress free venue setup; whether you've got a DIY approach or you're going all out with a professional venue dresser, here's what you need to know...

Foxtail Estates Team

Our amazing Estates Team work through the night to ensure that Foxtail Barns is pristine on your wedding morning.

They'll setup all the ceremony and wedding breakfast furniture to your exact specifications, (which you'll have agreed with your Wedding Specialist beforehand).

The Estates Team are also available to assist with some of your bespoke venue setup; they'll hang any bunting and ensure that all the items you dropped off the day before,  are placed, boxed, in the correct area of the venue in readiness for your Wedding Specialist to place for you.

Aiming for Perfection

From 9:45 on your Wedding Day, your Events Manager is available to orchestrate your venue setup, briefly, we’ll:

  • Double check that the ceremony seating and wedding breakfast tables are set out in your chosen configuration.
  • Double check your bunting is where you want it.
  • Monitor and adjust the temperature in the venue as required.
  • Place your labelled boxes on the appropriate wedding breakfast table and then...
  • Pop out your name place cards, favours, simple centrepieces and any table decorations.
  • Greet your florist and cake supplier and ensure they find what they need to set up.
  • Liaise with your professional venue dresser where appropriate and help them access the venue and place any statement pieces.
  • Place any decorative items you've supplied.
  • Welcome you when you arrive and invite you to take a quick tour of the venue to ensure you're happy with the venue dressing.
  • Settle you into The Dressing Room.

Help Us to Help You

  • Remove any packaging, labels or price tags from your items.
  • Construct paper confetti cones at home and pre-fill them with bio-degradable confetti (cling film is a great way to keep it all in place.)
  • Place tea lights in votives (glass holders) with the wicks up.
  • Open out and fluff paper pom poms then transport them carefully in a bag.
  • Please attach twine of ribbon to any hanging decorations .
  • Pre-fill sweet jars for your sweetie table, if your jars don't have lids cling film works really well.
  • Please ensure your table items, generally; place name cards, favours, table name/number, menu card, are in one box per table.

Your Wedding Breakfast Seating Plan

When it comes to your wedding breakfast; we know you'll have thought long and hard about where to seat everyone.

We'll ask for a copy of your finalised seating plan a couple of weeks before the big day. This is so that we can provide the Estates Team with your furniture requirements.

When it comes to supplying us with your table items, such as; place name cards, favours, table name/number, menu card and possibly the table centrepieces (although your florist make be supplying these), please ensure they are supplied in a box per table.

What To Delegate

Time on your wedding morning is incredibly precious and we want to ensure that all your decorations are placed beautifully and your venue setup is perfect.

Please be aware that it is not possible for your Event Manager to:

  • Tie ribbons or similar around napkins.
  • Dress chairs with sashes or covers.
  • Assemble flower arches, moongates, bespoke gin bars or complex garden games.
  • Assemble wedding cakes or place cupcakes on stands.
  • Blow up balloons.

These tasks need to be delegated to a member of your wedding party or the wedding supplier.