Rustic Love Letters at Foxtail Barns

LOVE Letters at Foxtail Barns


LOVE Letters

Add Some Sparkle

L O V E is what it's all about!

Our large light up letters look amazing set up for your wedding day celebrations.

Your wedding day is a celebration of your love, shout it out to the world and add some sparkle to your big day.

These large light up letters are four foot high and are handmade from reclaimed wood. The fairground carousel lights look stunning set in the letters and create a focal point for some gorgeous photos.

Hire of our light up letters is an optional extra.

If you’d like them on display for your wedding we’ll add the £150 hire fee to your account. Just email to let us know.

Twinkle, Twinkle

These large light up letters are on-trend and completely gorgeous.

Talk to your Wedding Specialist about where you’d like them positioned, they look fabulous in a umber of locations in Foxtail Barns:

  • At the front of The Orangery
  • On the Dancefloor in the Wedding Breakfast Barn
  • In the entrance area of Foxtail Barns

Please understand that as they are such large light up letters it is not possible for us to re-position them during your wedding day.

They will be set up prior to your arrival and will remain in your chosen position for the duration of your wedding day celebrations.

Extra WOW Factor

If you're looking to add some serious WOW to your wedding than our Handpicked Suppliers Sound Solutions can supply two extra sets of incredible LOVE Letters.

Check out their listing on our Handpicked Suppliers List for more details. They'll be happy to help.

Sound Solutions